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Power of Expectation

The human brain is the most incredible and powerful computer in operation, but it also has its limitations. By studying brain dynamics, we can use it to our benefit to help increase sales or make sure our kids get better grades. The key point to this lesson is follows: as soon as you have an attitude, opinion, or emotional connection to something or someone, your brain automatically sets up 'filters' that all future stimulus will pass through. So lets look at some examples on how this works in everday settings.

You are a teacher and see that on your first day of the new year that little Billie Smith is in your class. You know that Billie is the younger brother to Sam whom you had in your class 2 years ago and Sam was a real troublemaker and lousy student. Your brain will probably set up an expectation that Billie (since he is the younger brother of Sam), will be the same type of lousy distruptive student. That power of expectation will bring those filters into operation and sure enough, you see Billie as that bad student in your class eventhough he gets all A's from all his other teachers.

What we as teachers, instructors, and parents need to do is put the opposite into motion - we need to EXPECT that Billie (and all the students) are A students and very polite and respectful. That will set a more positive and helpful level of expectation and allow us to filter all our students as being great!

As a salesperson, wherever you direct a person's mind to is where they will focus their attention. So, if you direct your presentation to key benefits A, B, C and the supporting points of your product/service, that is where the mind of your prospects will go.

Be VERY careful with how you treat comments about your competitors. If you say something negative about your competitor, your client WILL remember your competitor (that is beacause, as we just learned, we directed them to that competitor and set a filter and level of expecation). It may not be good or bad, but they will remember that competitor and if you have not attached a greater degree of emotion toward your product/service, they won't remember you at all. I make it a habit to NEVER mention a competitor or anything about them.

We can also see how this power of expectation has been promoted in the movie/book/workshop series based on The Secret. We mentally set an expectation of something to happen or come to us and then by the law of attraction (so the Secret says) that will be bestowed upon us.

Expect good things to come to you. Expect to see the best in others around you. Expect your client to buy your product/service. Expect to get an A on that next exam. Expect success, love, joy and happiness in your life - and so it will be because our brain will set a filter for us to use to our advantage. Live a life of positive expectations!

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